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Telemedicine reduces lost work time for ill or injured employees, improving productivity while keeping them healthy, happy and on the job.


Our telemedicine services result in shorter recovery time and faster return-to-work for employees. We also contract with major workers’ comp carriers.


We Provide Expert Telemedicine Solutions

 Whether you are an employer or insurer, patient or doctor, you will benefit in many ways by incorporating telemedicine services from into your healthcare approach. Find out how at the links above.

How Telemedicine Works

Telehealth for Occupational Medicine and Surgery

Employee Safety and Wellness


Don’t miss a whole day’s work for a minor injury or illness when you can consult quickly with a doctor on your break.​

Investors is a telemedicine pioneer at the forefront of a rapidly growing field expected to reach $36 billion market value by 2020.

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We make it easy for physicians and allied health professionals to expand your medical practice, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes.