Telehealth for Occupational Medicine and Surgery

Onsite Healthcare Kiosks

Our standalone healthcare kiosks give patients a private, convenient virtual clinic to consult electronically with a doctor right in the workplace, for checkups or illness/injury management. The graphic below shows how our kiosks optimize the treatment process, manage care and expedite return-to-work for an injured employee.

Employee gets injured and reports it to employer who files the First Report of Injury and Worker’s Compensation documentation according to standard protocol
Triage the injury via telemedicine
Patient sent to Urgent Care or Emergency Room for initial treatment
Specialty care and therapy received via telemedicine
Employee improves, receives return-to-work training, and goes back to their job

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Employee Safety and Wellness

Why Choose

 Do you know how many valuable work-hours your company loses each year due to routine medical visits? With supplemental telemedicine services by, you can keep your employees healthy, happy AND on the job!

  • Reduce absenteeism and loss of work-hours
  • Save time and healthcare costs
  • Increase company productivity
  • Provide improved medical access
  • Reduce need for emergency room visits
  • Wellness care enhances employee satisfaction
  • Improve employee retention, reduce turnover