Why Use eOccMed.com

 As a supplement to your primary healthcare coverage, telemedicine services are an easy, convenient way to receive the medical attention you need without driving to a clinic or doctor’s office every time. eOccMed.com also offers remote monitoring systems for chronic conditions such as diabetes, that allow you to check in regularly from the comfort of your own home.

  •  Save your Personal Time Offs for fun and family, not doctors!
  • Reduce lost work and travel time.
  • Receive treatment at worksite or at home.
  • Convenient access to high-quality physicians.
  • Improved access and quality of care.
  • Reduce need for emergency room visits.
  • Referrals for diagnostics and ancillaries.
  • Remote interpretation service available in over 200 languages. 


Telehealth for Occupational Medicine and Surgery

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